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Most people have heard of the Dyson, a lot of people own these popular cleaners, maybe you included. Unlike most other bagless vacuum cleaners, Dyson uses Dual Cyclone technology. 

This means less of the dirt ends up in the filter as it constantly spins in a vortex in the bin.

There are many different models of Dysons, but all have one thing in common...A powerful suction and pick up.


All have an extendable hose and wand for stairs, nooks and crannies.

 We stock many Dysons from the DC01 up to the DC50*. Our used Dysons start from as little as £39.00 and come with at least a three month warranty. We also stock a variety of Accessories including Filters, Belts and hoses. 

*Subject to availabiltiy

Dual Cyclone Technology

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