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The Hardy Numatic Cleaner

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Numatic is a reliable and popular Brand in the Vacuum world, especially for the commercial cleaning side.

The old favourite Henry is joined by Hetty, George, Charles, Edward and a number of others to make a formidable cleaning force. Generally powered by a 1000 watt motor (pre 2017), and user friendly design, they do the jobs some cleaners cannot do.

HappyVac sell used Numatic cleaners from £59.00 for James and Nuvac with a 3 month warranty, then £69.00 and  6 month warranty  or £79.00 and 12 month warranty *.or £85.00 and 12 month warranty with new motor, new accessories and pack of 5 bags.  And we stock almost all the parts, including Bags, hoses, filters, electrical wipers and tools for these durable vacuums. Click Accessories for parts and prices.

* All cleaners are subject to availability.

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