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What's happening...September 23


The qualtex K411
Wet & Dry lightweight

in stock  £59

Powersonic HT108 
£79  Special order


compact go II
out of stock

Zannusi compact go

Powersonic HT689 lightweight 800w cleaner

This versatile, lightweight powerful cleaner will help you cut cleaning time. Ideal if you have to carry it up and down stairs

Bag263 £4.99

We carry bags for all our cleaners

Wellco hometek bag_.jpg

Numatic Range

A power friendly vacuum with adjustable power (some models only).

620 - 1200 watts  Recon Henrys/Hettys

06 month warranty. 

£79-89depending on condition.

henry pic.png
vacs 009.jpg

Tower Shampoo cleaner

Economical shampoo cleaner. For washing carpets £119. Manufacturers warranty.

only £59.00in stock  

Hometek ht689.jpg

Victor V9 commercial lightweight 800w cleaner

Commercial grade Victor to ensure longevity with the tough jobs at home and work. with Hepa filter to filter exhaust air.

karcher 1.jpg

only £149.00in stock  

Our pledge to you...In the unlikely event one of our cleaners needs to come back under warranty, we will happily...Repair the fault quickly* and efficiently so you can quickly get your chores done and get on with the more important things in life .
*Excludes shampoo washer cleaners.

Merry Christmas

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